Project Introduction

[Director of Biopharmaceutical Research and Development]

Chengdu Company knows that the company is a well-known intellectual property company in China. It is recognized as one of the most potential companies in the industry. In the rapid expansion, there is a large demand for professional talents. At present, t

Hunting ground dynamics

Title: Director of Biopharmaceutical Research and Development

Annual salary: 800,000

Cooperative Clients: Domestic Well-known Intellectual Property Companies

Job cycle: 10 weeks

Number of employees: 1

Project members: Nerissa, Steve, Nico, Snow

Project background

Chengdu Company understands that the company is a well-known intellectual property company in China, and it is recognized as one of the most potential companies in the industry. In the rapid expansion, a large number of professionals are needed. At present, the company has a total size of 1000 people plus, and its scale and revenue are the leading level in the industry.

Position anatomy

According to the description of the enterprise, candidates for this position need to have the experience of forming a technical team, and will formulate R&D direction, especially to lead the team to integrate technology, project and product development planning. And lead team members to explore the application of biopharmaceutical technology in this field. Therefore, we need to analyze the position, improve the efficiency of search, speed up the process of recommendation, to ensure that enterprises can get the appropriate talents and develop related business as soon as possible.

project implementation

According to the position JD provided by the enterprise, the interviewer interviews the existing talent resources. The team members screen the talents who see the opportunity. After getting the response of the candidates, we investigate and analyze the candidates again. Subsequently, seven resumes were recommended to enterprises. After interviewing four candidates, only one candidate entered the waiting list. The enterprises gave corresponding feedback to the candidates and asked them to recommend some high-quality talents. In the second round, we recommend four resumes to the company, and the company did not respond or give us feedback.

Project summary

We have been nervous about the progress of this project. When we received this project, we made in-depth analysis of enterprises, positions and candidates, and tried to recommend talents with high job matching. When the company did not give any information to the final candidate and the four resumes recommended later, the whole team thought the project was going to be cold. Unexpectedly, HR calls from the company near the time of work, indicating that the company has sent the offer to the candidate and that the candidate has received the offer. To our surprise, we immediately gathered the participants to analyze the project.

We agree that the ability and work experience of talents are the key to enterprises. From an objective point of view, we must conduct a comprehensive analysis of enterprises, positions and talents, judge the expectations of enterprises for candidates, and then recommend candidates suitable for enterprises to enterprises. This not only ensures the matching of candidates and positions, but also ensures that enterprises can obtain talents in the only time to carry out the corresponding business.