Project Introduction

[Big Data Test Engineer]

With leading large data AI technology system, independent R&D product series and application scenario innovation, the Hi-Tech Co., Ltd. constructs top-level planning, technical consultation and overall solution for the whole process of adopting large data

Hunting ground dynamics

Cooperative Client: Nanjing High-tech Co., Ltd.

Initiation: Big Data Testing Engineer

Location of work: Beijing

Project time: 5 weeks

Project members: Nerissa, Snow, Jaso, Tida

Project background

With leading large data AI technology system, independent R&D product series and application scenario innovation, the high-tech limited company builds a top-level planning, technical consultation, overall solution, project management and continuous operation service system for the whole process of adopting large data AI technology to provide end-to-end value service for customers. Now it is to continuously upgrade new technologies and products, and enhance the efficiency of service organization customers. Hope to get more senior talents, grow together and realize the leap of value.

Position anatomy

We dissect the position in depth according to the job content and related business of the enterprise. The candidate should have abundant AI related test experience of big data and more than 5 years of big data test experience, and be able to complete the design and implementation of different test schemes for different scenarios.

Project process

This project is more stringent, the enterprise requires that candidates must be the kind of resume that can not be searched online, once the resume is searched, it will be considered invalid. So we searched for candidates through various headhunting channels, and finally found a candidate who wanted to work abroad. After our communication, we analyzed the candidates and conducted background investigation.

After confirming the candidate, we recommend the candidate to the enterprise. The first round of the interview is a video interview between the interviewer and the candidate. The candidate passed smoothly. The enterprise feedback shows that the candidate is easy-going and modest, and the candidate is expected to participate in the second interview.

Although the candidates are still abroad, they will return to China next week when they get the chance of re-examination. Soon, the candidates took part in the re-examination and were recruited by enterprises during the re-examination stage.

Project summary

The project lasted six weeks. Through a thorough understanding of the needs of the enterprise, we constantly searched for and selected candidates. Even when we felt that there was no one to choose, we still insisted on seeking candidates, and finally found the right candidate.