Talent Management Consulting for Core Business

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To be a thoughtful service provider of talent solutions

We are not simply providing and analyzing resumes, nor traditional process combing and planning, nor fashionable Internet data presentation, but a group of people who have a deep understanding of talent to provide you with highly flexible, targeted, innovative and attractive talent solutions.

Our customers are not limited to size, industry and region, but they must be thoughtful organizations that really respect and make good use of talents. Through our expertise and experience, we are willing to help you discover, develop and develop talents'abilities and potentials, reduce employing costs and improve talent performance.

Executive Potential Development Consulting

Management assessment:

Discovering, training and retaining outstanding talents and high-level management team are the biggest challenges faced by entrepreneurs, especially private entrepreneurs with rapid development. Through an experienced and visionary consulting portfolio, we diagnose and evaluate the capabilities, potential and effort of management for our clients.

Succession plan:

The core human capital and design talents follow the plan in the scientific evaluation organization. Cooperate with entrepreneurs and board members to discover, evaluate and identify talented, passionate, steady and resolute successors or key leaders, and make far-sighted talent decisions for the enterprise's foundational evergreen!

Career management:

Career development and coaching, career decision-making and management consultation, career mobility, engagement and matching evaluation and management.

Leadership assessment and development:

Business coaches, leader competency model selection/development assessment, high potential talent identification, high potential leadership development courses, leader coaching guidance, action learning, scenario simulation seminars, etc.

Career change management:

Executive Intelligence Development, Career Conversion and Rotation Counseling, Retirement Interview and Support, Reemployment and Part-time Employment Counseling Services

Government Talent Project Consultation:

To undertake the Commission of the government and various professional institutions to provide human resources consulting services related to human resources market and human resources development management.

To investigate and study the development law, development cycle, influencing factors, industrial structure evolution, industrial transfer, resource allocation, government industrial development policy and regional industrial development strategy in the process of human resources service industry development, and other topics or projects, so as to provide investment and decision-making basis for the government and its functional institutions.