Recruitment outsourcing of core business

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With the increase of talent competition and recruitment difficulty, more and more enterprises begin to choose to outsource the whole recruitment process to professional recruitment agencies to complete, which not only reduces recruitment costs, improves recruitment efficiency, but also concentrates time and resources to do the most professional and valuable things of the enterprise.

We validate through the past process outsourcing service: selecting RPO, the recruitment efficiency can be increased by about 25%; the growth rate of talent diversification can be increased by about 20%; and the recruitment cost can be reduced by about 30%.

Why use RPO service?

Shorten the time to fill vacancies and improve recruitment efficiency

Improving the whole administrative process and reducing the total cost

Improving recruitment quality and avoiding recruitment risks

Overall recruitment process solutions:

Provide full recruitment services for enterprises, including the design, planning and implementation of recruitment projects, design written examination questions and interview plans according to job requirements, and provide professional assessment tools and background investigation services.

Including end-to-end process outsourcing, SMEs agent recruitment, recruitment process consulting, professional evaluation services.

Project-based recruitment process solutions:

Provide suggestions and implementation plans for the whole project team, such as team organization structure design, job analysis, personnel recruitment and deployment and on-the-job services.

Project-based recruitment process outsourcing mainly implements targeted mass recruitment services to meet the requirements of new technologies, new businesses, new markets and new changes and to set up new project teams quickly and efficiently.