Professional hunting and employment of core business

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On the basis of a deep understanding of the industry situation and the characteristics of middle and senior talent hunting and recruitment, Jinxi International has determined its service aim of "focus, suitability and speed" in combination with its own accumulated advantages over the years. In view of the characteristics of domestic middle and senior talent hunting and recruitment and its own advantages, Jinxi International has explored and perfected its distinctive "project-based recruitment", "industry hunting and recruitment system" and "fixity". Special hunting and hiring methods have accumulated unique experience and resources, and achieved amazing results of hunting and hiring.

Why is it different?

1. CPS long-term special hunting and hiring mode: vertical, accurate and fast

This is our unique talent search mode with great characteristics and benchmarking advantages. CPS mode is a "vertical, precise and fast" talent search mechanism which is based on PS (Proactive Specialization) mode, through the study of the status and characteristics of industry talent and recruitment, through long-term industry-specific resource accumulation, team allocation, project optimization and user positioning.

CPS model provides customers with highly efficient and competitive talent solutions and recruitment experience, and has achieved amazing results and real customer recognition.

2. Project recruitment: Every position is a strict project management

Organize a team of at least three hunters to meet customer needs, and focus on flexible allocation and adjustment according to industry and function.

Each hunting project consists of project manager, hunting consultant, hunting assistant and project supervisor.

3. Industry Hunting and Employment Department: Vertical Focus on the following industries Hunting and Employment Department

Hunting and Employment Department of Pharmaceutical Industry (Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical Intermediates, Pharmaceutical Medicine, etc.)

IT & Communications Industry Hunting & Employment Division (IT, Communications, E-Commerce, etc.)

Hunting and Hiring Department of High-tech Industry (New Technology, New Energy, Advanced Manufacturing, etc.)

Fixed Position Specialized Hunting and Employment Division (Specializing in Long-term Fixed Position Operating System and Team)