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Jinxi International pays close attention to the talent demand of the western development, actively introduces talents to the western region, and sets up Chengdu Company in the central city of the western region to facilitate the development of business. To divide talents into three groups: high-end talents/middle-end talents/low-end talents, so that headhunting services can better match the employment needs of different enterprises. Starting from the actual employment needs of enterprises, we independently develop a set of high-end talents search service processes, and use scientific methods to combine the long-term experience of each professional consultant to help enterprises find high-quality and suitable talents. According to the customer's enterprise development strategy, provide solutions such as talent structure, cultivation, retention, etc., from the angle of human resources to truly create value for the customer's enterprise, and help the customer's enterprise to achieve long-term success. In order to avoid wasting customer's time, we should make job analysis plan and confirm the feasibility of the project, and then sign a contract with the enterprise. After the start of the project, we should recommend many batches of candidates for customers as soon as possible, arrange suitable candidates for the initial and second examinations, and conduct feedback analysis; provide professional background investigation to reduce the risk of employing persons, control costs through detailed salary research, provide early warning of problems after candidates enter the post, and provide management consultation to help both candidates and enterprises run in and adapt. The management team has been focusing on headhunting business for a long time, and deeply cultivates the cities it serves, and grasps the dynamic information of urban talent development. The project managers are also intensive in subdividing industries. While quickly understanding the needs of enterprises, they can achieve precise matching and make the services quality and speed.