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Jinxi International Headhunting Agency is a senior talent-seeking agency specializing in high-tech industry established in 2000 by the famous Australian headhunting group S&S International Human Resources Management Co., LIMITED and Areerco International, headquartered in Hong Kong Island, China. In 2018, it was renamed Jinxi International (Hong Kong) Human Resources Management Co., Ltd. / S&S International (HK) Human Resources Management Co., LIMITED. In the same year, it set up a branch in Chengdu, Mainland China for trial operation. Chengdu Jinxi Huatong Human Resource Management Co., Ltd. was formally established in 2019. Jinxi International (Chengdu) Branch will rely on its parent company's strong operation and management experience and unique CPS search mode, cultivate and accumulate vertically in the fields of biotechnology, pharmaceutical intermediates, pharmaceutical medicine, artificial intelligence, chemical industry, IT, etc. to open a through train for high-end talents to cooperate with enterprises.
In order to effectively control the quality of service and provide more perfect human resource management consulting service for customers, Jinxi International has engaged a team of domestic and foreign experts and consultants on deep management. They all have middle and senior management experience of multinational corporations, listed enterprises, well-known private enterprises, large state-owned groups, rich knowledge background of human resources and psychological management, and possess. Profound customer management, human resources management, talent evaluation, headhunting experience, a wide range of human resources, can provide customers with fast, effective, high-quality human resources management consulting services. Help customers achieve all-round management quality improvement.
In the company's business sector, executive search is positioned as "one-stop high-end job recruitment solution service provider". Focus on specific areas, specific levels of job search services, to provide customers with high-end talent hunting, configuration and team building services.
Core services: executive search, professional recruitment, recruitment outsourcing, talent management consulting.
Unique model:
CPS search mode is a unique talent search mode with unique characteristics and benchmarking advantages. On the basis of PS (Proactive Specialization) model, combined with its own advantages and characteristics, through the study of industry talent, recruitment status and characteristics, through long-term industry-specific resource accumulation, team allocation, project optimization and user positioning, a "vertical, fast and long-term" talent search mechanism is established in line with local characteristics. CPS model provides our talent service partners with highly efficient and competitive talent solutions and recruitment experience.
Strong resources and technical support:
Relying on the database accumulated by the parent company for 18 years and the technical support of AI / big data, we can achieve rapid and valuable accurate matching of talents, simplicity and efficiency.
Professional service team:

Jinxi International has a stable team of professional consultants, which strictly evaluates the qualifications of consultants. On average, professional headhunters and consultants have at least 5 years'experience in recruitment, Headhunting or related fields. Every professional in Jinxi International abides by strict professional norms and corporate ethics.
Overall Industry Advantages

As a comprehensive company providing professional human resources services, Jinxi International has established the core advantages of biotechnology, pharmaceutical intermediates, pharmaceutical medicine, artificial intelligence, chemical industry, IT, etc. It is committed to providing high-quality headhunting, hiring and senior human resources management consulting clothes for the top 500 companies in the world, listed companies at home and abroad, and excellent Chinese local customers in strong growth. Business.