How do AI headhunters find people? What channels do AI headhunters have for finding people?

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In the headhunting industry, headhunters adhere to the concept of customer service, wandering among various industries, constantly innovating and developing new fields to provide talent services for enterprises. Compared with the headhunting experience in the financial field for a long time, headhunters in the AI field grow up gradually with the development of science and technology in recent years, and occupy a place in the headhunting industry. In the view of big data headhunters, no matter what industry headhunters increase, talent resources are always scarce, especially domestic AI talent is very scarce, so let's understand how AI headhunters find people, what channels AI headhunters find people? How do AI headhunters find people? What channels do AI headhunters have for finding people? 1. Long-term accumulation

How do AI headhunters find people? What channels do AI headhunters have for finding people? According to the big data headhunter, many AI headhunters are engaged in the field of AI before they are headhunters, and they are transformed into headhunters after they have a certain amount of human resources. In the process of looking for people, we will obtain talents through our own network resources.

From this information, we can know that long-term accumulation of talent is the basic condition for AI headhunting. It is also very advantageous for those who have done AI related work to be headhunters. With the help of various channels, AI headhunters are more convenient and fast in the process of finding candidates. Of course, there are many ways to acquire talent, such as forums, free data channels and other channels can help AI headhunters to acquire talent.

2. Introduction

How do AI headhunters find people? According to big data headhunters, AI talent resources are scarce in China, and some enterprises have very harsh demand conditions for AI candidates, so no matter how AI headhunters look for people, they will encounter a lack of talent. If the talent pool of headhunting companies does not meet the needs of enterprises, then AI headhunters need to obtain candidates through other channels.

Therefore, referral has become a means for AI headhunters to acquire talents, such as referral of existing contacts, introduction through circles of friends, etc. But for headhunters, the premise of getting a referral is that they must be good at managing their own networks and circles of friends. Only in this way can we get more referrals and reliable resources.

3, fight CC

For headhunters, there are many ways to search for talents, and the most direct way is to hit CC. Some positions can be posted on Hunting and Hiring Network and Zhilian Joint Hiring Website, waiting for talents to submit their resumes, and then contact the suitable candidates through the information on their resumes.

In addition, there is another kind of initiative to play CC, this method will be faster to obtain talent. Big data headhunters believe that AI headhunters not only have their own expertise, but also can actively hunt for talent through the advantages of enterprises. These two are simply aids to AI talent hunting.