What is the core of big data? How about big data headhunters?

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In his resignation speech, Ma Yun said, "Many people have not yet figured out what the PC Internet is. Mobile Internet is coming. When we haven't figured out mobile interconnection, the era of big data is coming again." Overlooking the process of our industrial revolution, every reform and replacement means the birth of a new law of the new era. Undoubtedly, it headhunters believe that in the era of big data, who can take the lead in grasping the rules of big data and who can use data to integrate with the internet, will be able to seize the lead. There are millions of explanations of big data. What is the core of big data? What about big data headhunters? What is the core of big data? How about big data headhunters? 1. The Concept of Big Data

Now it headhunters talk about the concept of big data. It is understood that big data literally means a very large group of data. But what we know about the big data industry is not recording data itself, but exploring the truth behind it. For example, one day someone searched Baidu for a book about entrepreneurship, and the next day when he visited Taobao, he found many entrepreneurship books on the home page of Taobao. Baidu contains a program that collects data entered by users the day before, but after verifying the universal truth, it finds that his real need is to buy entrepreneurship books, so Taobao receives a request for recommendation. Big data is never concerned with the data itself, but through the processing of quantitative data to analyze the real needs behind it.

2. The Core of Big Data

For the core of big data, the industry has different opinions. So what is the core of big data? According to it headhunters, the essence of big data in business is to find products and services that are more user-friendly from upstream to downstream according to customer needs. That is to say, mining and analyzing users'behavior habits and hobbies is the core of big data. For the application of big data, it is a double-edged sword. We only discuss its commercial value, not social moral research.

3. How about big data headhunting

What is the core of big data? How about big data headhunters? Some people say that big data are so hot, how about big data headhunters in the headhunting industry? Are they professional? In the view of it headhunters, those who can become big data headhunters are good at understanding the nature of the problem. Headhunters were never subverted by the Internet before, nor are they subverted by big data today. They can make full use of the advantages of big data to complete their workflow. Big data headhunters can even use their own data to find candidates they need more easily than others. Professional headhunting consultants can more accurately judge the needs of candidates based on their knowledge of big data.