What exactly does headhunter BD need to pay attention to and what details to do?

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BD is the abbreviation of Business Development. Popularly speaking, it is to open up new customers. In fact, BD exists in many industries, and BD also exists in headhunting industry. In the view of AI headhunter, headhunter BD is very important as the first step of headhunter business. In the work, BD clients have high requirements for headhunting consultants, including not only professional accomplishment, but also the ability to express contingency.

Therefore, it is very difficult to do a good job of headhunter BD. There are many steps about headhunter bd, including sorting out customer list, finding relevant contacts, understanding customers and building partnerships with customers. It is not difficult to say these four steps well, but the key is to do some small details well. What exactly does headhunter BD need to pay attention to and what details to do? 1. Be attentive and don't cast a net widely.

What exactly does headhunter BD need to pay attention to? Headhunter BD should be as focused as possible, not to cast a wide net, to pick a list to do, which is also what many headhunters have been emphasizing. According to AI headhunter, the middle reason is simple. Choosing a list to do, screening the quality of customers, selecting high-quality customers, the efficiency of making a list is improved. On the contrary, every list is done, but the efficiency is very low.

Plus, interlaces such as mountains, each list is done, it is very likely to encounter unfamiliar industries, it is likely to reduce the efficiency and even effectiveness of the order. Moreover, due to the large number of small-scale headhunting companies and limited manpower, it is likely that the wide-ranging network will be too busy, and it will probably be unpaid.

2. Preparations should be as comprehensive as possible.

What exactly does headhunter BD need to pay attention to and what details to do? AI headhunters believe that both headhunters and customers are strangers, which requires a process of mutual communication and trust. To complete this process, headhunters need to be comprehensive in their preparations. At this time, through certain means, background investigation of BD customers is necessary, which helps to understand the pain points of customers and promote communication with customers. Of course, there are always some things that can not be prepared, such as some personal hobbies of customers. Then, these need to be changed in the process of communication with customers.

3. Careful and professional negotiation

In the process of negotiation, headhunting consultants must show their professional qualities. In the view of AI headhunters, professional performance in negotiation is the detail that headhunters must pay attention to, which is the professional spirit that headhunters BD should embody. For example, there will be a very entangled issue in the negotiation called quotation. As a headhunter consultant, he must stick to his own quotation bottom line. In the questioning of customers, he should use his professional knowledge, such as the degree of demand for customer positions in the current market and the difficulty of visiting, to give customers an answer. Of course, the most important thing during this period is to show their delicate side. We should make full preparations for some minor links, such as guarantee period, payment cycle, specific operation process, and so on.