It's not difficult for a headhunter to make an order. How to make an order quickly?

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For new recruits, the first three months of employment is a critical period, in which billing can help the headhunter to change his position in advance and other benefits. According to AI headhunters, no matter what industry, new recruits need a transitional period. Some headhunters will find it difficult to issue bills, while some headhunters think it is easy to issue bills. So it is not difficult for headhunters to open bills. How to make bills quickly? It's not difficult for a headhunter to make an order. How to make an order quickly? 1. Learn to read resumes

Is it difficult for a headhunter to make an order? For many people, looking at the resume is the most basic thing. For headhunters, the resume is the key to recommend candidates. There is a lot of information on the resume, which can let the headhunters know the candidates, so as to judge whether the candidates match the position, in order to recommend candidates to enterprises.

AI headhunters believe that resumes seem ordinary, but there is a lot of information about candidates, and the authenticity of resumes is also a headhunter's concern. For example, some candidates have fake resumes. If the headhunter does not find this problem, he will recommend candidates to the company. In the future, the company will find that there will be big trouble. If a headhunter wants to form a list quickly, he must learn to look at his resume. Once he confirms the authenticity of his resume, he can quickly recommend candidates to the enterprise and make a list.

2. Call more

Headhunter's job is to chat with all kinds of talents, gain knowledge and experience by chatting, and improve their communication skills. So when recruiting new recruits, they need to make more phone calls, communicate with talents, consult more talented people about problems they don't understand, and chat with talented people about industry-related information, so that they can not only get to know more talented people, but also get the introduction of talented people.

Therefore, AI headhunters suggest that new recruits should start with the phone call and accumulate knowledge by chatting with talented people to obtain relevant industry information and the latest industry information. Promote self-communication skills, help yourself to move quickly and make bills quickly.

3. Seeking more candidates

The origin of headhunting is closely related to the Internet. It can be said that headhunting basically depends on the Internet. As a result, most headhunters like to communicate on Wechat, QQ and telephone, and basically contact with talents online. AI headhunters believe that headhunters are to meet with candidates, communicate with candidates, see the appearance of candidates, understand the personality of candidates through communication, and talk with candidates about more in-depth issues and so on. Only in this way, new recruits can grow rapidly, integrate into the headhunting work, and make orders quickly.