How do headhunters build service websites?

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In the Internet era, headhunting and other service industries are very concerned about the Internet problem, presumably will have the following doubts: why did a headhunting website and promotion have no effect? What should we do, that is, there is no traffic? What are the reasons for not attracting users? According to AI headhunters, the process of website construction is very much, and the construction of service websites is relatively more troublesome. So, what problems should headhunters pay attention to when building service websites? How do headhunters build service websites? 1. Good planning and design are the key points

In the view of AI headhunters, the construction of service websites needs to have perfect construction ideas, to consider how to communicate with users on the Internet, how to conduct sales transactions, users pay attention to the characteristics of enterprises and so on. For example, to be a headhunting website, we need to consider how to highlight the company's advantages to attract customers to communicate actively. Secondly, it is necessary to do a good job of page design to enhance the user's experience. When a user enters a website, the first thing he sees is the design of the page, which is too bright and messy to leave a bad impression on the user. Therefore, to enhance the user's favor, planning columns and typesetting design need more knowledge of ergonomics and color psychology.

2. Do a good job in optimizing SEO

SEO optimization is a very systematic project, which requires a lot of preparatory work. It is not enough to build a website from the point of view of technology. The beauty of artistic design, the function modules of programmers, the lack of professional marketing knowledge, the lack of SEO optimization, and the failure of website to meet the requirements of search engines are always flawed. Therefore, AI headhunters believe that doing a good job of SEO, more reference to SEO elements in website construction, for service website construction has a very important significance.

3. Establishing and Improving User Consulting and Tracking System

In the process of building service website, we need to consider the amount of user visits after that. We need to obtain user information or deal with users through some methods. Therefore, AI headhunters believe that the construction of the website must have a reasonable layout of enterprise contact telephone, Weixin two-dimensional code, QQ and so on. Online service system is also very necessary, can increase online user turnover. Designing message window can also effectively communicate with customers, thus approaching customers. It is worth noting that the customer tracking system needs to do a good job of internal distribution, customer consultation who will receive, return visit and follow-up who will do it, and customer orders who will do it. This series of work must be in place, in order to enhance customer turnover and do a good job in website construction.