How do headhunting companies do a good job of talent reserve, how to expand the talent pool?

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As everyone in the headhunting industry knows, the main reason why headhunting companies can recommend talents for enterprises in a short time is that headhunting companies have a talent pool and a large number of talents in related industries. According to the knowledge of AI headhunters, some companies will require headhunters to recommend talents in a specific time when there are urgent jobs. Headhunters will quickly match the talents that meet the job requirements through the talent pool and recommend them to enterprises. In this regard, let's know how headhunting companies do a good job of talent reserve, how to expand the talent pool? How do headhunting companies do a good job of talent reserve, how to expand the talent pool? 1. Management talent pool

According to AI headhunter statistics, many headhunters in headhunting companies can receive many resumes every day, but these resumes are not well managed. Some headhunters just build documents systematically, put resumes together, and it's not easy to find them when needed.

Therefore, a good headhunting company should standardize the management talent pool, put the resume of the headhunters into the company talent pool, and manage it properly. In order to ensure that in the case of need, can quickly find the talents needed by enterprises. Only in this way can we build a perfect talent pool.

2. Accumulating Talents

The job of headhunter will contact a variety of talents, according to the needs of the job, headhunter will consciously accumulate contacts, such as when recruiting a position, headhunter will recommend many talents to the enterprise, and the enterprise will only employ one, then other talents can continue to keep in touch, and when there is the next opportunity, they can recommend suitable talents.

AI headhunters believe that some people are not suitable for one position, but may be suitable for another position, and headhunters can not guarantee that the recommended companies will recruit candidates. Therefore, headhunters need to constantly accumulate contacts and recommend positions to suitable candidates. In this process, headhunting companies accumulate a large number of talents, do a good job of talent reserve, expand the talent pool.

3. Constructing the Circle of Human Relations

For headhunters, talent is a resource that can be used indefinitely. Every time a headhunter recommends a talent, he will form a circle with talent. For example, an AI headhunter successfully recommends a candidate for a company. The candidate will keep in touch with the headhunter all the time. If the candidate's friends also need to change jobs, they will recommend him to the headhunter they know.

Because headhunters have gained the trust of candidates, when candidates have related needs, the first thought is that the headhunter, and can achieve an infinite cycle. Under such circumstances, headhunters can build a circle of contacts through such relationships, open up various channels to contact with various talents, do a good job in talent reserve, expand the talent pool, and attract more business cooperation.