Vice President of Medical Operations of a Class A Navigation Company: 300,000-500,000

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Job description:

1. According to the business development strategy of the provincial branch, establish and maintain long-term friendly cooperative relations between the Provincial Health Planning Commission, 120 Emergency Center, relevant provincial Chinese Medical Association, Chinese Medical Association, China Disaster Relief Association and China Red Cross Federation, and sign the strategic cooperation framework agreement.

2. Be responsible for drafting and submitting related work reports, framework agreements and preparing relevant qualification materials.

3. Deeply study the policies and regulations in the field of aviation medical rescue, regularly provide management with relevant information analysis, and have the ability to propose targeted solutions.

4. According to the needs of the company's business development, overall arrangement of the network layout and establishment of regional cooperative hospitals under its jurisdiction: selection of cooperative hospitals, communication workflow, signing cooperation agreements, arranging relevant training.

5. Cooperate with the company's operation Department to complete the flying and drilling, and provide effective support for the sales department.

6. Other temporary work arranged by the leadership.

Annual salary: 300,000-500,000

Departments: Medical Operations Department

Recruitment: 1

Location of work: Tianjin

Degree Requirements: Undergraduate

Gender Requirements: Male

Age requirement: 30-48 years old


More than 1.8 years working experience in relevant positions or in relevant government departments.

2. Loving, highly loving aviation medical rescue industry, identifying with the company's culture, willing to follow the company's common development.

3. Relevant government resources are preferred.

4. Strong coordination and promotion ability, good at communicating with all kinds of people, fair, enthusiastic and full of positive energy.

Interested parties please send your resume to, thank you!