200-300,000 product managers of a well-known security industry company in China

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Job responsibilities:

1. Analyse product market dynamics and be responsible for product planning and design.

2. Responsible for the research and analysis of users, markets, etc. to continuously optimize products and enhance user experience;

3. Tracking the effect of product on-line and user feedback, actively collecting and mining needs, and improving product satisfaction;

4. Be responsible for cross-sectoral coordination and communication, responsible for product sales;

5. Business analysis: business data, sales data, competitors, user feedback, etc.

Annual salary: 200-300,000

Departments: Product Department

Recruitment: 2

Reporting Target: Product Director

Location of work: Tianjin

Degree Requirements: Undergraduate

Age requirement: 25-35 years old


1. Bachelor degree or above, more than 3 years experience in security product planning, and have a certain product management ability;

2. Master project management process and product life cycle management;

3. Strong innovative and logical thinking abilities, as well as efficient execution and market sensitivity;

4. Have a good sense of cooperation, strong communication skills and cross-team collaboration, driving ability;

5. Skillful use of Xmind, PPT and other daily tools and software; Master the ability to write all kinds of related documents of products.

Interested parties please send your resume to jinxi-int@Hotmail.com, thank you!