Position of Biomedical Company Biotechnology Product Manager: 240,000-400,000

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Job responsibilities:

1. Organize and build the marketing and brand promotion system of the product line in charge of;

2. To formulate marketing strategies for product marketing and brand building and organize their implementation;

3. Planning, coordinating and participating in relevant market activities in the product area under its responsibility;

4. Organize to collect and investigate market data and customer needs, Market Research and market strategies before and after new products are launched.

Company introduction:

Founded in 1989, the company specializes in research and development, production and sales of biological materials and high-tech medical devices. It is the first A-share GEM listed company in China with blood purification products as its main business. At present, the company's market value is in the forefront of China's listed medical devices companies, which have paid more than 100 million yuan in tax year after year. It has been selected as the top 100 potential companies of Forbes China's listed companies in 2017.

Job Selling Points: Large Development Space, Standardized Management, Listed Companies, Elite Teams

Management Experience: More than 3 years working experience as product manager in well-known or listed pharmaceutical enterprises

Requirements for academic qualifications: general enrollment of undergraduates and above

College requirements: 211, 985

Age requirement: 30-35 years old

Gender Requirements: Male

Reporting Target: Marketing Manager

Introduction of Reporting Objects: Management Professional Line Personnel


1. Full-time bachelor's degree or above, major in clinical medicine or pharmacy, master's degree is preferred;

Over 5 years sales and marketing experience in related industries;

3. More than 3 years'experience as product manager in well-known or listed pharmaceutical enterprises.


1. More than three years of relevant work experience, bachelor's degree or above;

2. English can be used as a working language.

3. Be innovative, be able to carry out innovative work in line with business, improve customer experience and reduce service costs;

4. Strong anti-pressure ability, strong communication ability, able to coordinate resources in daily work to achieve goals.

Interested parties please send your resume to jinxi-int@Hotmail.com, thank you!