Fast Consumption Company Position THAI OPPO Aftersales Operations Manager 150-300,000

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Job description:

1. Responsible for the operation and management of Thailand;

2. Responsible for product business training and standardization promotion to enhance the service image of outlets;

3. Be responsible for monitoring the after-sales operation data. Through data analysis and business monitoring, find out the problems existing in the daily after-sales operation and promote the solution.

4. Responsible for business and process diagnosis, insight into problems and formulation of solutions;

5. Lead the team to actively achieve project objectives and achieve key indicators of service level such as customer satisfaction.

Company introduction:

OPPO in Thailand is a period of rapid development, sales doubled every year.

Working life: more than 3 years

Requirements for academic qualifications: general enrollment of undergraduates and above

Age requirement: 26-30 years old

Gender Requirements: Male

Job Title: After Sales Operations Manager

Industry: Fast moving consumer goods

Function: after-sales service

Recruitment: 1 person

Annual salary: 150,000-300,000

Monthly salary system:12

Subordinate Departments: After-sales

Reporting Target: Director

Work place: Bangkok, Thailand

Interested parties please send your resume to, thank you!