A well-known enterprise in Beijing recruits senior ETL engineers with an annual salary of 400,000-60

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Senior ETL Engineer of a Well-known Enterprise in Beijing

Annual salary: 400,000-600,000


1. Responsible for the design of data interface and ETL module.

2. Responsible for the development of ETL process based on Greenplum SQL and the optimization of ETL process.

3. Responsible for data integration, transformation and cleaning (such as field mapping, content extraction, etc.);

4. According to business needs, output reports and provide data extraction services to analysts.

5. Be responsible for maintaining existing ETL projects and writing ETL documents.

6. Supporting the monitoring and maintenance of database, cluster and other services.


1. Recruitment of bachelor's degree or above, major in computer science;

2, 4 years or more ETL related work experience;

3. Familiar with the theory of data warehouse construction and its development life cycle, deeply understand the data modeling and ETL development process;

4. Familiar with Greenplum, and familiar with SQL optimization and SQL programming development, can develop ETL process based on SQLL, complete business functions;

5. Familiar with AIX, Linux and other operating systems and development environment, familiar with shell and other scripting languages, can write basic shell scripts;

6. Understanding HDFS, Hive, Impala, Presto and other Hadoop big data technologies, Spark experience is preferred.

About company

According to the headhunting company, the company is based on AI and big data technology, with customer service as the core, providing comprehensive service experience covering AI services, big data services, and other services, as well as financial technology and digital retail services.

Interested parties please send your resume to jinxi-int@Hotmail.com, thank you!