An Internet company in Beijing recruits AI Computer Vision Algorithms Engineer with an annual salary

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AI Computer Vision Algorithms Engineer of an Internet Company in Beijing

Annual salary: 36-600,000


1. Responsible for the research and development of in-depth learning algorithm, including model training and optimization, company vision related technical difficulties to overcome, propose solutions;

2. Participate in the research and development of computer vision algorithms, including image search, image quality analysis, image content understanding, image enhancement and other technologies.

3. Setting up the development environment and platform of machine learning and deep learning;

4. Keep abreast of the latest technology in the industry, screen the maturity of technology, and lay out the next generation of technology direction of the company.

5. Lead the algorithm research team to carry out daily research work.


1. Master degree or above, majoring in image processing, pattern recognition, statistics, computer, statistical learning, signal processing, artificial intelligence, computer and other related disciplines, with good knowledge of mathematics;

Over 3 years experience in image machine learning or in-depth learning project development;

3. Have a deep understanding of one of the following areas: image, video analysis and understanding, face recognition algorithms;

4. Familiar with cnn, rcnn, faster rcnn, xgboost, svm, at least one of them, and have practical experience;

5. Proficiency in deep learning frameworks such as caffe, tensorflow, mathematical modeling software such as matlab, Python programming environment such as Pycharm, development environment such as Visual studio, Linux operating system such as Ubuntu;

6. Experience in image processing, CVPR and other conference papers are preferred.

7. Strong ability of self-study, analysis and problem solving, good communication, coordination and organization.

About company

According to the headhunter company, the company follows strict quality and high quality service standards. With long-term industry accumulation, profound industry expertise, international elite team and perfect talent management, complete global service ability, and ubiquitous innovation spirit and quality adherence, the company helps global customers create key value.

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