A well-known group in Guangzhou recruits industry informationization experts with an annual salary o

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Industry Informatization Expert of a Well-known Group in Guangzhou

Annual salary: 60-900,000


1. Representing the Information Management Department and System Development Center of the Group, it provides planning, construction, new technology research and innovation services for the informatization of profit center.

2. Provide consultancy services and solutions for industry customers in information/digital transformation;

3. Submit research reports on new technologies, new business models, new application trends and trends of relevant industries to departments;

4. Collate the business needs of relevant industries, participate in or support important information construction projects of relevant profit centers;

5. Other tasks assigned by the information management department of the group or the informationization person in charge of the relevant profit center.


1. More than 5 years'experience in information technology in finance (bank and financial holding group), real estate, energy and other industries, and has served as a supervisor or above the level of manager.

2. For IT service enterprises (including, but not limited to, software, internet, consulting and other types of enterprises) who have participated in information technology research and development or technical services in related industries for more than three years, the industry service teams of relevant enterprises with managerial and above-level work experience are preferred;

3. Familiar with FICO, SD, PS, MM related modules, with more than 5 years of complete implementation experience of SAP related modules, can solve the problems encountered in the implementation of related functional modules online, and can make optimization recommendations;

4. Deeper understanding and experience of new technology and business innovation in related industries;

5. Strong ability of coordination, communication, project management and written expression.

About company

According to the headhunting company, the company has shifted from general agent trade to self-management, and through a series of industrial investment, it has promoted the enterprise to gradually develop into an influential and industrialized enterprise group in Hong Kong and the Mainland.

Interested parties please send your resume to jinxi-int@Hotmail.com, thank you!