A well-known quantification company in Shanghai recruits machine learning (quantification), with an

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Machine Learning (Quantization) of a Well-known Quantization Company in Shanghai

Annual salary: 45-720,000


1. Responsible for applying artificial intelligence algorithm to financial data mining, forecasting analysis and quantitative investment strategy research and development;

2. Provide innovative work in machine learning for business products, including but not limited to effective factor mining, public opinion discovery, question and answer, etc.

3. Build a universal and flexible recommendation engine to provide effective support for the fast-growing business.


1. Postgraduate degree or above, doctor preferred, computer, electronics, mathematics and other major, with strong learning ability and innovation ability;

2. Have a deep understanding of the basic theory and common algorithms of machine learning and in-depth learning, and have excellent engineering practice ability.

3. Experience in related projects in machine learning or machine learning applications (including but not limited to search/recommendation/natural language processing/computing advertising/image processing, etc.);

4. Skillful application of linux, can implement and deploy machine learning algorithm on Linux platform;

5. Good logical thinking and excellent ability to analyze and solve problems.

6. Quantitative trading strategy development experience is preferred.

7. The ability of model production is preferred.

About company

According to the headhunting company, the company is a quantified hedge private equity fund. It now manages 5 billion yuan. It was established in Shanghai at the end of 2013. It uses mathematical analysis and computer technology to deal with financial products, including futures, stocks, options and so on. It brings robust returns to investors.

Interested parties please send your resume to jinxi-int@Hotmail.com, thank you!