A world-renowned technology company in Shanghai recruits senior Python development engineers with an

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1. Responsible for business requirement analysis, dividing business requirements into independent business functions, and responsible for related development work.

2. Deeply explore and analyze business needs, write technical solutions and system design;

3. Participate in key technical issues, architecture design, system optimization, and assist in solving technical problems in the process of project development.

4. System design and coding according to product requirements;

5. Continuous improvement and optimization of the system architecture.


More than 1 or 3 years of development experience, more than one year of Python development experience;

2. Familiar with SQL, familiar with Orcale, DB2, SQL SERVER, Mysql database application development at least one;

3. Have good basic skills, skilled use of basic data structures and algorithms, in-depth understanding of multi-threading, socket and other related technologies;

4. Proficiency in Django, Tornado, Sqlalchemy, Celery and other mainstream frameworks, in-depth understanding of the framework implementation principles and characteristics;

5. Familiar with Python's advanced features, in-depth understanding of various design patterns and application scenarios;

6. Have practical experience in large-scale distributed system development and high availability, and have the ability to design complex systems.

7. Master more than one non-relational database, such as Redis, Cassandra, and understand its usage scenarios and limitations.

8. Familiar with distributed systems, master more than one service framework and message middleware, and understand its implementation principle.

About company

According to the headhunting company, the company is a focus on the Internet, artificial intelligence direction of application and research and development. With hundreds of senior R&D personnel, research experts and modern information processing and transmission means such as big data, the Group has established a fast and comprehensive information network, which is dedicated to promoting the healthy development of Internet and AI related industries.

Interested parties please send resumes to interested parties. Please send resumes to jinxi-int@Hotmail.com. Thank you!